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Access Control & TA

  • IP based Fingerprint Access Control & Time Attendance

    Model No :- SF-300

    Features:- 2.8-inch touch screen, color display with  graphical UI for easy operation, Built-in auxiliary input with enhanced Ḁexibility to link with wired detector or emergency switch, Up to 24 user-deἀned schedules that can  activate on a daily bell alert (optional), Duress Alarm oᰀective protection against duress by threats, Tamper proof switch and multiple alarm output, Voice prompt for acceptance and rejection  of valid/invalid ἀngers, Compact and Lightweight, small size  for 86 x 86mm socket installation, 

  • Intelligent Hotel door Lock system

    Model No:- LH 4000

    Features :- The intelligent hotel lock system offers standalone solution to meet hotel's demand on security and management, which features 13.56 MHZ Mifare card technology and hotel management software. The style and color of lock fit any type of hotel. With the hotel management software, hotels can perform essentail management tasks quickly and easily with minimal training. Lock is powered by four high-capacity alkaline AA batteries that can last up to20,000 unlocking activities.

  • Intelligent Hotel door Lock system

    Model No:- LH 2600

    Features :- Stainless steel, elegant and firm, U.S. standard five -latch mortise, Door Thickness required from 35mm to 55mm, Low voltage warning, Access record checking, Multi-language software, Reliability.

  • Intelligent Hotel door Lock system

    Model No:- LH 1800

    Features :- Zinc Alloy Material, elegant and firm, U.S. standard five -latch mortise, Door Thickness required from 35mm to 55mm, Low voltage warning, Access record checking, Multi-language software, Reliability.

  • Intelligent Hotel door Lock system

    Model No:- LH 1000

    Features :- Stainless steel,elegant and firm, U.S.standard five-latch mortise, Door thickness required fron 35mm to 55 mm, low voltage warning, Access record Checking,Multi-language software,Reliability.

  • Elevator Control System

    Model No :- EC-10

    Features:- The EC 10 Elevator Control Panel can restrict access up to ten floors. Each EC10 can support up to three EX 16 Board, so that it can control up to 58 floors with a single EC10 bundle.EC10 panels can be daisy-chained together to control as many floors as desired. Powerful yet easy to use software makes the elevator control system very easy to manage. SDK Available for software companies wishing to integrate the System. Designed Specifically for elevator control, the EC10 Panel and EX16 floor extension boards provide customers the most secure, scalable, versatile and affordable access control solution available today for elevators.

  • Elevator Floor Extension Board 

    Model No:- EX-16

    Features:- The Ex16 Elevator Floor Extension Boards, When Combined, a total Fifty Eight(58) Floors Can be controlled with a single EC10 Bundle. EC 10 panels can be daisy- chained togather to control as many floors as Desired


  • Digital Fingerprint Door Lock

    Model No :-  Digital 788 FP lock

    Features:- User fingerprints: 99, Optical sensor: 500 dpi resolution, Fingerprint recognition:360 degrees, Embedded fingerprint infrared detector, Add or delete user fingerprint individually, 4 AA alkaline batteries, also support 9v battery for emergency



    Model No :HE-DILS02,HE-DILS04,HE-DILS08.HE-DILS16


    Interlocking system controls two or more doors in a way that out of two or more adjacent doors only door shall open at time to give access and in no condition shall allow both doors to open simultaneously.


    Bracket for Frameless Glass Door

    Model: ABK-600


    Suitable for: Glass Door, Stainless Steel Panel, Opening Mode: 180 degree swing door, Glass Thickness: 8~15mm, Weight: 0.35kg.